What a process!

accounting.jpgTonight, after numerous hours spent paper-shuffling and number-crunching, I finally completed the FAFSA, and TAP forms required for Tim to be eligible for financial aid grants or loans from the federal and state programs. It’s more than a little daunting to answer question upon question designed to determine what a family’s ability to pay for college ought to be while the forms take your assets into account but not your obligations. This first set of forms was especially tough since our financial circumstances have changed so radically from recent years as Tom and I combined went from 3 jobs to 1, and it’s those past years’ documents the forms are based upon. We shall see how that all plays out.

Tim’s “hobby” lately has been completing applications, essays, poems, etc. and gathering other required documents (everything from recommendation letters to transcripts to my tax records) for a variety of scholarship opportunities found through the College Board (yes, the SAT and AP test people) website; and one from Upromise.

At least now I know what’s required for the forms – with a college-bound senior and a sophomore coming along behind him with ambitions of her own – I’ll be filling them out annually for the next 6 years! It won’t take nearly as long to complete them next time.

Now we wait for them to do their own number crunching and tell us what we can afford. <gasp>

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