What do I want?

bow.jpgThat question has come up a bit recently in relation to a few aspects of life, but most intensely in relationship to my family’s desire to know what I want for Christmas. I’m having trouble answering that question, but it’s been interesting to think about (you could cue the music for that ages old song “My Grown-up Christmas List” if you like).

I want

  • to see Tim get better
  • to see my family happy and thriving
  • to experience vibrant community
  • to live in keeping with the teachings of Jesus
  • to have meaningful interactions with people I don’t know yet
  • to see the cause of peace advanced
  • to see the poor and displaced helped
  • to see violence in the name of God end
  • to have children be safe from predators of any kind
  • to see higher value for my tax dollars
  • to see government actually be ‘by the people, for the people’
  • to have clarity
  • to be content
  • to be generous
  • to make a difference

There are more rolling around my brain. I think you’ll notice my dilemma… these aren’t “things” people can give me as a pretty wrapped package on Christmas day. I’m having difficulty coming up with gift ideas… obviously.

One Response to “What do I want?”

  1. Mykel
    November 27, 2007 at 3:41 pm #

    My pastor is on the board for the UTURN program. What I know so far is that we will be the “lead church” of the program. What that means and entails is still to be determined. But I do know that we will be very involved in the program as far as mentoring and providing a place for the kids and their parents to meet for counseling and tutoring, etc.

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