What happened on your birthday already?!

Teased not once but twice, I will delay no longer!

A short while ago, my friend Adam McLane made me an offer to buy into the ownership group of Youth Ministry Exchange, LLC, the company behind www.ymexchange.com. I’ve been involved at the site since its inception in 2005, first as a moderator then as an administrator in the forums, and I’m very much on board with the vision for the company. So, it wasn’t a difficult decision to reach, as I feel like it simply formalizes a role I’ve already been trained for through my previous involvement. Also, my youth ministry, communications and web experience will most certainly be put to use as Adam and I, along with a fantastic volunteer team, look to develop the site’s features and extend its reach in the youth ministry world.

What happened on my birthday? I received the paperwork that recognizes my partnership in YMX! You can read the press release here, if you like. All in all, buying into a business was an exciting gift to myself. It’s a business that not only reflects my heart for people in youth ministry, but will be a professional outlet and an interesting new challenge alongside the strange twists and turns life has taken for our family.

I hope that the build up was worth following me over here!

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