Where does time go, really?

When I said (earlier this week) I intended to blog regularly again, I meant it. I really did! It falls firmly in the “best made plans” category of things that fall through. I’m sorry. There’s lots going on, and I’ll give you the highlights, right now!

CtK arrival day 4-2-2006I reached a milestone this week that really surprised me! It fits in that time flies category, too well! It was 10 years ago that I committed myself to full-time Christian service, leaving my paying job to join the field staff at YFC as a missionary to Schenectady, NY. That decision led directly to a partnership with Christ Church, where I served for 7 years (to the very day) before joining the staff of the Diocese of Albany at the Christ the King Center. Now, of course, I’m investing quite a bit of time in YMX and wondering what God has in store for me next! All of that on top of 10 years of volunteer youth ministry service. Yep, that adds up to 20 years of youth ministry! Of course, I started when I was a baby… 😉

Speaking of time flying, our darling daughter, Cathie, is going to turn 16 in just a few days! We have some surprises in store for her, which should be fun (and I’ll share later in case she happens to come by the blog). She’s doing a fabulous job living her faith, and it never ceases to amaze me how naturally she talks about what she believes in a non-threatening way. She has a number of friends across a broad spectrum of beliefs and backgrounds. Recently she’s been having interesting conversations with one friend who just yesterday asked Cathie if she could come to church with our family because, in her life, “nothing’s working”. It’s beautiful.

More time flying… Tim is only weeks away from graduation! CBA holds it’s graduation ceremony May 18, and his last “official” school event is the Spring Concert on May 20. As I’ve mentioned before, he’ll be attending the College of Saint Rose at a music industry major. We’ve been to a few events there, and in July will have his orientation before classes start at the end of August. I’m so proud of how he’s borne the burdens of illness and held to his faith and his goals. We had a conversation yesterday about how “he’s ready” to gain independence and experience at life on his own. I really believe him, he is ready to test his wings.

And, one last update. We’re going on vacation! Later this month we’re going to visit Adam and Kristen McLane (and their cute kids!) to have some hang out time with the family we own a business with, but also see some of our other YMX friends, as well as some of the sites around Detroit area. I know that the Henry Ford Museum and the Motown Museum are on the list, as is Romeo Church.

So…the only thing I haven’t talked about is grand jury duty. I’ll have some reflections on that experience (not the specific cases) when it’s over, I think.

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