Why do I…

continue to try to update my Windows machine?? Thus far today I’ve spent 3 hours uninstalling the older version of our virus and internet security software, loading the MS “critical updates” that were balking at sharing space with the aforementioned security application, and – since the opportunity presented itself – upgrading the security suite.

The upside, thus far, is that the computer is running with SP2 on board… a feat which was previously unaccomplished. It seems to be crawling along in the internet security installation, but it is a 200MB application, so that could be the explanation there.

My mac laptop, upon which I type this post, never requires this amount of maintainence time… even when I upgraded the OS to Tiger, it barely hiccupped (though I have needed to repair permissions more frquently and am waiting for some third party applications to learn to cooperate).

Computers… I love them, but they make me sigh…

UPDATE: After several days of machinations, installs and reinstalls, followed by another crash, we bought a mac mini. It works beautifully! In less than 5 minutes out of the box it was set up for the family to use, and 10 minutes after that our household was on it’s own encrypted wireless network.

My friend from ST100 and CH100, Payton, offered these words of wisdom:

In response to your current post, I think I’ve figured out this computer thing. I’m pretty sure God allowed us to “create” computers just so we could see how screwed up the world would be if we were really in charge!

I think that just about says it all.

One Response to “Why do I…”

  1. me
    August 3, 2005 at 12:38 am #

    Make that…If Micro$haft (and Bill!) were in charge!

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