… with a side of controversy

Kendall Harmon poses a troubling question from the General Convention:

What happened to Bill Love in the House of Bishops?

(Bill Love is bishop-elect of Albany–KSH).

Why was he asked to come before the entire House and address issues and answer questions recently? Who requested that this happen? What kind of precedent does it set?

There is a story here which someone needs to track down and write up.

Oh and by the way–good for Bishop Stacy Sauls for standing up and saying something is not right about this in response. I was very sad to hear about it–KSH.

Though I’ve been trying for several hours now, I haven’t had any success in getting any first-hand information on that. But I really would like to know the answer. I suppose it would be “in order” to ask questions as part of discussion of the motion to consent, but there certainly isn’t any thing that indicates that it will or should happen. And, why were questions asked of only one of several bishops-elect?

I’m not going to go into the potential conspiracy theories, though I’ve certainly thought them through. I’m going to give up for tonight, knowing that God remains on the throne regardless of what we’re doing at our convention.

Update: In steadfast EC mode, the House of Bishops elected Katharine Jefferts Schori, the female bishop of Nevada, to the office of Presiding Bishop. Considering that she will be seated with the other 37 male Archbishops/Presiding Bishops of the Anglican Communion, many of whose Provinces do not yet ordain women much less recognize them as bishops, her election adds a whole new level to the controversy and speaks loudly to the fact that there are indeed two churches with divergent beliefs in the tent called The Episcopal Church.

I’m not against women in ministry, I’m not against women in ordained ministry, or in leadership. I admit to having concerns and wonderings about right roles for people in all those positions. In this matter, I’m simply acutely aware that this decision will further strain relationships in the Anglican Communion. It may not matter what the EC says in it’s resolutions in response to the requests of the Windsor Report, as it has spoken loudly on moving forward in revolutionary and autonomous ways. Doesn’t seem like “consultation in communion” and “respect for bonds of affection” are high on the list right now…

What will our church look like by Wednesday?

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