Won’t be long now… Go ‘noles!

Date Day Opponent Location TV Outcome/Time
09/04/06 Mon Miami Miami, FL ESPN 8:00 PM
09/09/06 Sat Troy Tallahassee, FL SunSports/FSN-Florida PPV 6:00 PM
09/16/06 Sat Clemson Tallahassee, FL ESPN 7:45 PM
09/23/06 Sat Rice Tallahassee, FL   TBA
10/05/06 Thu North Carolina State Raleigh, NC ESPN 7:30 PM
10/14/06 Sat Duke Durham, NC   TBA
10/21/06 Sat Boston College Tallahassee, FL   TBA
10/28/06 Sat Maryland College Park, MD   TBA
11/04/06 Sat Virginia* Tallahassee, FL   TBA
11/11/06 Sat Wake Forest Tallahassee, FL   TBA
11/18/06 Sat Western Michigan** Tallahassee, FL   TBA
11/25/06 Sat Florida Tallahassee, FL   TBA
12/02/06 Sat ACC Championship Game Jacksonville, FL   1:00 PM

* Parents’ Weekend

** Homecoming

There aren’t many games on TV though… what’s a fan to do? :(

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