Perhaps the biggest off-season priority for the Mets this year was to add a solid pitcher to their starting rotation. As the days counted down to pitchers and catchers reporting time (2/15), there were still only rumors, and it was a sad, sad thing to think about considering last seasons’ fully-staffed pitching struggles. But that’s all over now!

santana.jpgNot only did the Mets add a solid pitcher, but are bringing in the 2-time AL Cy Young Award-winning LHP Johan Santana! Today should see the details of his contract hammered out, but all the media and baseball blogs are writing as though it’s a deal with almost no possibility of falling apart.

I hate to see a personal favorite among the young prospects, Carlos Gomez, go to thecarolsgomez.jpg Twins in the deal along with 3 solid pitching prospects, but there is always risk in trading for a marquee player. I’d say the deal was as good for the Mets as it could possibly be. I love my Mets come-what-may but it sure helps to ease my sense of dread regarding pitching, and I’m more anxious than ever to get the season started.

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