You’ve got to be kidding me! (Part 2)

Following up on my previous posts (some here, here and here) about the numbness and tingling in my hands and along my spine. All my test results were back and there was a cancellation, so I got to visit with my neurologist today. Most of the tests were perfectly normal. One, showed my B12 level was low. Another, on a sample of my spinal fluid, showed what the doctor called “minor inflammation.” He explained further that through a particular process it can be determined how much protein is present, that there should be none. I have some, but not a definitive amount.

So… to recap… my hands are numb and my spine is tingly… my MRIs show inflammation around my cervical spine… my spinal fluid analysis indicates that there is some inflammatory process going on in my central nervous system. But, none of this points to a known source. The theory is that this is somehow related to pernicious anemia, but there is no research my doctor has been able to locate which ties these symptoms to the autoimmune B12 deficiency.

So, the neuro prescribed an aggressive course of steroids to attack the inflammation. My general doctor prescribed some extra doses of B12, but wants me to consider the possibility that this may be caused by stress (I don’t think stress causes inflammation, but… uh, let’s try treating that first, ok?). See them again in a month and three months, respectively.

Are we having fun yet? I don’t think I am.

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